Can You Have a Panic Attack While Sleeping?

Hi, Jon here from MindSet Universe and in this article I’m going to tell you why you can have a panic attack whilst sleeping and also share a quick way to clam down, really fast, when this happens.

This is super simple to give a try read all the way, or watch the video here: to make sure you stop those panic attacks right in their tracks.

So can you have a panic attack while sleeping?

Yes, it is possible for panic attacks to happen when you’re asleep!

These are known as nocturnal panic attacks and can leave you feeling exhausted the next day and if frequent can lead to more serious sleep disorders.

If you’re having these for the first time or are at all worried about your health then I would strongly recommend that you seek advice from your health professional as soon as possible.

Panic attacks can be frightening at the best of times but I’ve personally experienced these nocturnal panic attacks and can vouch that it can be truly terrifying to be woken up this way!

For me though, my health was otherwise ok, so I researched how to help myself calm down as quickly as possible after an attack and…

Do you know what, just tackling the problem head-on has helped to make these so infrequent that they are practically non-existent now!

So what is a quick way to calm down super-fast from these night-time panic attacks?

I discovered Grounding Techniques!!!

The nocturnal panic attacks are quite often started by bad dreams, memories, flashbacks or intrusive thoughts.

I found it important to get connected back to the present and push these unwanted feelings away from me. This had the effect of subduing the panic more quickly and helping me calm down faster than normal.

If this sounds complicated then don’t worry, it got me scratching my head when I first discovered the technique but…

It’s so simple!

You can try one (or all) of the following to get grounded and be ‘present’ again:

· Breathe slowly and on every out breathe say “Relax”

· Listen to the sounds around you and focus on them

· Walk barefoot, focus on the feeling of having the carpet or flooring beneath your toes!

· Wrap yourself smugly in your favourite blanket and concentrate on the great feeling that gives you

· Smelling something strong! This might sound funny but for smelling my number 1 cheese, Greek Feta, had the effect of grounding me very quickly!

So give these a try and find which one works for you best?

So that’s a quick and easy way for you to cope with panic attacks while sleeping or during the night.

By the way, these techniques are also great when you just want to find some time for yourself, relax and leave the world far behind!!!

I’d love to know if any of these work for you or if you have another way to reduce and stop panic attacks. As always, sharing is caring so let everyone know…

Thanks for reading and try not to worry when you don’t have to.


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